Zuidas is Amsterdam’s new central business district. Around fifteen years ago the amsterdam business community and the city decided to develop a new business district on the south side of town near the recently opened train station ‘Zuid’ and close to Schiphol International Airport. The first outlines were made by my predecessors, urbanist Cees Geldof and the first supervisor for the architecture Pi de Bruijn, to name two of them. In the most recent vision statement some accents are replaced, more residential programme is added and more of an urban modal split is generated. (I have tried to make this into a sentence but I do not understand what was trying to be said) This means less cars and more bikes. By the end of this year a final design will be selected for the new train station and for the two tunnels which will divert one and a half kilometers of the A10 ring road underground. The concept for the station and its environment is a ‘landscape’ connecting the two green wedges which shape the city’s form. The train will stop amidst trees and public squares. Out of the train window visitorswill see bikers cyclingbetween trees as the first sign of arriving in Amsterdam with shining sky scrapers in the background.